about the substack

i want to use this thing as a catch-all variety blog. sometimes i’ll tell specific stories, sometimes i’ll ramble and vent. the writing that’s somewhere between a tweet and an entire, polished novel or CNF. the common thread is just…me. so, if you don’t like me, you’ll be very disappointed. lately, i’m writing a serialized memoir-ish story about a group/“harem” of guys i hung out with in college who propelled me into my psychonaut phase. we have fun here.

about me

my name is kat giordano. i feel like i’ve already written 400 bios on this thing and elsewhere on the internet. find me. follow the scent.

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my diary, in front of a live studio audience


poet on a novel kick / sad sagittarius clown. guest managing editor @thirtywestph. i wrote THE FOUNTAIN and i’d do it again. she/they. you love me.